Friday, October 10, 2008

PMR Is Around The Corner

PMR just around the corner,
All the candidates can't stop the day,
The exam will be on
13rd, 14th, 15th, 16th & 17th Oct,
On Mon, Tues, and Wed, Thurs & Friday
After that day are free for a while.

One of my sister will sit for this exam,
My youngest sister and the last one in sibling,
Hope she will do her very best,
And hope she will answer questions easily.

Let Malaysians..
Pray for all candidates to do their very best,
For make sure our ccountry are move on,
Succesfull and brightful.
And please do pray for my sister,
My pray she will get the flying colours,
And get the bombastic results.


Tirana said...

Mudah-mudahan calon2 yang mengambil PMR tahun ni akan berjaya dengan cemerlang.

Angie said...

Honey bee,that's was before can't jump n dance.even walk also difficult.
Thanks ya....I am a happy girl so dun worry.

13may said...

good luck for ur sister :)

ku tak sempurna said...

teringat ms dedulu amik PMR... lamanya... oh... aku dah tua :D

utopia said...

yup kita doakan mereka semua
agar berjaya dan tenang semasa menjawap soalan

Honey Bee said...

Kak Tirana..
Mudah-mudahan begitu le yea. Moga mereka lebih cemerlang drpd kita. Amin..

Honey Bee said...

Hope you will get well soon.. :)
That is a test for you... Don't be too sad..

Honey Bee said...

Thanks yea..:)

Honey Bee said...

Ku tak sempurna..
Masa berlalu laju..rasa nak berundur balik plk..tapi tak perlu rasa tua..ia akan membuat kita semakin tua..umur hanyalah angka..
iye tak....

Honey Bee said...

Ya sama-sama kita doakan...