Sunday, January 27, 2008

Disney Land

If I won the trip to Disney Land, I will ask Tijah, my best friend, to accompany me to travel. Tijah got a lot of motivations. She always asks me to improve my education even though it will take a lot of my time. She will calm me down and cheerful my life with her positive advice. She always positive and never give up in whatever she do. Besides that, she is the best listener for me. She able to listen for my entire story either happiness or sadness story. She will lend me her shoulders when I cry due to my problems. She never let the others knows the secrets of our story. Furthermore, she is a nice and humble person. Se never shows the entire great thing about herself. We can share a lot of story even though we come from a different world. She always asks me to forget about the sadness and make the life go on. She loves to see my successful and my joyful. I really hope, we can spend a lot of time together and relax our mind. I hope we will enjoy this trip and forget about our work and busy life.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Great of Sue

This is my first album with madam shima.
1. Learn Is Fun
2. Reading Like Chocolate
3. Friendly But Shy
4. Caring & Loving
5. Smiles Makes Us Young
6. Successful Businesswoman
7. The Wealth For Health
8. The Good Husband
9. Happy Family
10. Shining Life

The Hit Song will be 'The Wealth For Health'