Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Study Week

The final exam is just around the corner,
We all are given one week,
To cover all the subject,
All subjects need to score,
To ensure CGPA is much better.

Starting with BELL 260 on 22nd Apr,
Follow by Arabic on 28th Apr,
After that Costing on 29th Apr,
Micro Eco 269 will take turn on 4th May,
End with Mgt 269 on 6th May.

That is the time table for this semester,
I hope the six students,
For BMD4Z1 will increase the CGPA,
And also wish all of us,
Will maintain to the end.

For the others,
Hope all of us will success together,
Eventhough we are separate by part.

For all the lecturer,
PM Norzian, Mr Lee, Mr Bazri,
Ustadz Syazali and Pn Shima,
Thanks for all the guidance
And all your knowledge,
We really appreciate that.
Eventhough I got no picture with all of you,
But all the memories with you all,
Will always in my heart,
Love you so much.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Melaka River Pirate Park

Mummy, Acheek, Adik and me went to Malacca town last night with Acheek's friends. We went to Malacca River Pirate Park . This is the place to see Malacca's village, such Kg Manhoten with a boat. Mummy want to show to Acheek's friends the greatest about Malacca. At the same time, she want to enjoy with us and relax her mind too. This the new place at Malacca. Most people don't know about this amazing place.

If you want to relax your mind with your beloved family, this is the place. Not only the river cruise, here got a lot of games park. This place is for an adult, a teenagers and a kid. We can find a lot of games here. We can see the Malacca town here. That's why people named this place 'Eye on Malacca'.
After we enjoyed ourselves, we took our dinner at Pantai Puteri. We kept smiling because enjoyed our journey. This is the great place. I suggest all of you, visit this place if you go to Malacca.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


What can you say about friends?

Friends is not like playing a futsal,
You chase at first,
When you get you kick.

Friends is not like playing a skate,
You pumped at first,
And then you step on.

Friends is not like playing a rugby,
You catch at first,
When you get you kick.

Friends is not like a pampers,
After you used,
You throw away.

Friends is not like wearing a gold smiths,
You put on when you just buy,
When out of budgets you sold.

Friends is not like a rainbow,
It disappear when the weather is clear,
Only appear when the weather is raining.

Friends is not like a car,
When got a problem you sold,
Then you buy a new one.

Friends is not like a Chipsmore,
Now you see,
Now you don’t.

Friends is not like a bank,
When you got no money,
Go there and withdraw.