Thursday, November 27, 2008

We Just Plan

My PC still in treatment..
This make me difficult..
To update my blog..
It take one month to settle..
Last friday..
My best friend getting married..
The the man he choosed..
Congratulation to her..
Is a wedding ceremony for her..
She is so happy be the bride..
They will celebrate the wedding..
With the bride family on Sunday..
Saturday evening...
Her mother passed away...
All family was shocked..
A happy day become a sad day for them..
This is a test from Him..
Her mother was selected..
All plan have to plan again..
The ceremony at the bridegroom side...
Was postpone a little bit late..
This is really a hard situation for them..
I really sympathy on her...
Hope they will face...
No matter what..
We just plan...
He know the very best...

Sunday, November 16, 2008


My Friend, Ina..
tell me about our old friend..
Someone who are not feminine..
Someone who are very hard to describe..
Of course..she is a real lady..

Based on Ina..
That lady are totally different right now..
She got a long hair now..
I know that..

It's not only a long hair..
But she also..
More beauty with a make-up..

You can see her face...
At her own facebook..
She is totally different..

I don't have a facebook..
You can see her from her friendster..
I don't have any friendster ..
That is not important for me..

You have to create a facebook..
If you want to see her latest photo..

Because of that..
I create a facebook..
To keep in touch..
With my old friends back..

That is technology..
About that lady..
She is totally different..

Moral of the story..
No body can change you..
Except you yourself..

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


My PC got problem...
The picture is not clear..
It need a rest..
And need to get medical treatment..

It means...
I also have to take a break..
From internet world..
Mostly blogging...

I create this post at the cybercafe..
Lucky I am off today..
Last word from me..
See you soon...