Wednesday, March 26, 2008


What should i say about this movie. Sorry to say this. They got a lot of promotion including the rewards but this is not a great movie. Lucky 'Saipul Apek' is there to attract the audience. If not you can think what will happen on this movie. KRU should work more harder to be the great producer. Anyway this is a good try from them. I only can give three out of ten for this movie. However the song at the end of this movie is so nice. I like it.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

No Dateline

My best friend's father just past away. I'm surprise when I heard this news. Uncle Daud got a lot of advise and opinion. He always motivate me to improve myself. He always let me know about the real life. He suffer with the heart cancer. Nobody knows about this matter because he assume he only suffer with stomach pain.
Fatal is no dateline. It comes without signal. We have to prepare for this 'sakaratul maut'. Sometimes we always think we still young to change. That attitude make we forget about the second world. Are we ready for this. So start from now, let we setting our nawaitu, upgrade our 'iman', downlooad our patience, delete our sin and top up our knowledge for redeem a lot of 'pahala'.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Result

The Election just past. Everybody is still talking about the election. Everybody make their own conclusion based on the election result. How the result can be like this. This result gives us a clear image about Malaysian. We are not together more. Am I right? I'm so scared when I know the result. Others can easily pull us down because we’re not together Please... wake up Malaysian. We have to stand together under one roof. Do you realize that? We have four years to stand in this situation. Now, we can see our selection. Can they give the best for us or their promise is just a word. We judge together. This is the way we selected. Don’t have to blame others for what we did.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I want to cry but I got no reason. Have you got this feeling before? I feel too sensitive today. I don't know why and what's wrong. I just want to sit alone and cry.

Sometimes we can’t share the problem with others. That doesn’t meant we don’t trust others. It is very personal and we don't know how to share those stories.

When I get this feeling, I have to eat ice-cream and chocolate. It make my life colourful back. Sometimes, I loved to watch Hindi movies because I don’t want to let people know I’m not stable that time. So, they will think I’m crying because of the movie.

No matter what happens in our life, we don't have to feel frustrated. We live for today and let thing be for today. Just ignore about the past. And try to improve for our future.

Have you heard this message… ‘Don’t cry just because you don’t have a pair of shoes because there are a lot of us got no leg’...

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Disaster But Clever

Stand from left : Azam, Mar, Sue, Mummy Liz, Ana, Erin & Mel
Sit from left : Ehsan, 5-zal, Rica, & Naz.

Today, I want to tell all of you about my classmate. We're DBS (PLK) for batch December 2006. We got thirteen members in our group, 4 ladies and the rest is gentleman. The ladies are Maria, Erin, Ana and me. These gentlemen are Brother Yus, Azam, Ehsan, Kamar, Helmi, 5-zal, Rica, Naz & Emel.

We come from the different place and from the different line. I meant we aren't working on the same industry. Brother Yus, Ehsan, Rica, Helmi, Nazri & Ana working for goverment. Erin and I are working for ourselves. The rest are working on private sectors.

Standing at the centre is our 'sifu'.
This is a different between ladies student and gentlemen student.

We will meet every weekend to attend the class. Even though we only meet once a week, that doesn't create any problem for us. We share the same habits, laugh and love to create joke.
We got a different character but we can sit and eat together. We’re naughty but innocent. We're disaster but clever. To prove this statement, most of us got >3.00 for the 1st semester. Now, we have to improve our CGPA.
We also got a glamour name during Mummy Liz's class. The name came from the superstar that we admired. You want to know the name? I'll let you know about this but don't ever feel jealous about that. I'm sure you'll feel jealous on this, so I don't want to tell you about this matter. Let it be our own sweet memories.
Now, we are four members in our group. 2 ladies and 4 gentlemen. We are Ana, Sue, Naz, Rica, Emel and Azam. May this number will stay till final at Uitm Segamat. The rest have to quit because have a lot of commitment. Hopefully we're success in our future undertaking.

One picture can give us thousand words. Now, I got two picture. You can describe about us based on this photo.