Sunday, March 2, 2008

Disaster But Clever

Stand from left : Azam, Mar, Sue, Mummy Liz, Ana, Erin & Mel
Sit from left : Ehsan, 5-zal, Rica, & Naz.

Today, I want to tell all of you about my classmate. We're DBS (PLK) for batch December 2006. We got thirteen members in our group, 4 ladies and the rest is gentleman. The ladies are Maria, Erin, Ana and me. These gentlemen are Brother Yus, Azam, Ehsan, Kamar, Helmi, 5-zal, Rica, Naz & Emel.

We come from the different place and from the different line. I meant we aren't working on the same industry. Brother Yus, Ehsan, Rica, Helmi, Nazri & Ana working for goverment. Erin and I are working for ourselves. The rest are working on private sectors.

Standing at the centre is our 'sifu'.
This is a different between ladies student and gentlemen student.

We will meet every weekend to attend the class. Even though we only meet once a week, that doesn't create any problem for us. We share the same habits, laugh and love to create joke.
We got a different character but we can sit and eat together. We’re naughty but innocent. We're disaster but clever. To prove this statement, most of us got >3.00 for the 1st semester. Now, we have to improve our CGPA.
We also got a glamour name during Mummy Liz's class. The name came from the superstar that we admired. You want to know the name? I'll let you know about this but don't ever feel jealous about that. I'm sure you'll feel jealous on this, so I don't want to tell you about this matter. Let it be our own sweet memories.
Now, we are four members in our group. 2 ladies and 4 gentlemen. We are Ana, Sue, Naz, Rica, Emel and Azam. May this number will stay till final at Uitm Segamat. The rest have to quit because have a lot of commitment. Hopefully we're success in our future undertaking.

One picture can give us thousand words. Now, I got two picture. You can describe about us based on this photo.


Rina said...

i miss mummy lizana :(

Honey Bee said...

I miss her too. We got a lot of sweet memories with her... She gave a lot of advice to us. She also told us a lot of stories.. Just message her. got her number right?

Rina said...

no. i don't have her number.
i cannot remember my phone number.
how to remember other numbers?