Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ang Pau

This Ang Pau will be given
To all our relatives during
This meaningful festive.
All the cousins, nephew and nice
whose are not working yet
are able to get this Ang Pau.
The amount is quite big.

This Ang Pau will be given
To all the kids of family friends.
For my youngest sister's friends..
Of course they'll get these,
Since they are still schooling..
For them whose still studying
Even though at the college
Still have a chance to get it.

These for the kids
Whose come to my house
Only for their saving
And help their family
To buy their desire
These are for them.
When these kids come
I always ask them
To eat and served them
Because I do believe
The guest come
With the 'rezeki'.

This is the only Ang Pau
I got for this year..
I feel so sad on that.
Why don't we follow Chinese style,
Ang Pau will stop given
Whenever you're getting married...
Just give a chance to us
To feel like a kid.


LZ said...

Nice ones! ;)

Ang pau (hokkien) actually means red packet.

So if green packets..should we call them chehh pau? ;)

Selamat Hari Raya!! =)

Tirana said...

Macam-macam jenis sampul duit raya ada. Semuanya comel-comelkan? Tahun depan Honey cipta sampul duit raya yang tersendiri..siap letak gambar dengan nama sekali macam kad raya sekarang ni..hehehe..

Monkey D Luffy said...

sampul untuk kapten ada? RM50

Honey Bee said...

Thank you..
But Cheh Pau sounds funny lo..
Mostly we just called it Duit Raya.

Honey Bee said...

Kak Tirana..
Ada cadang jgk nak buat mcm tue. Tapi kos tentu besar kan. Tambah sedih bila sampul yang ada gambar tue nanti dipijak org. Haru aje..

Honey Bee said...

Await demand tinggi sangat. Kalau bagi dalam nilai rupiah boleh x?

ZARA said...


Be patience my dear...

I got some "duit raya" as well...

Will update about it later...

Thanks for your advice...

Love ya!

Honey Bee said...

Hi Zara...
I just wonder why..
Anyway better something than nothing..right..