Thursday, October 9, 2008

My Auntie

These are my auntie at my daddy's side.

They are not ready yet for photo actually.
Candid photo show the funny of them.
Six of actually.
My Mak Long is not there.
She is not feeling well.

Now..They are ready for photo.
The first pair is Mak Usu and Mak Teh.
The second pair is Mak Andak and Mak Chik.
The most loved pair is Mak Ngah and Mummy.
These are the cheff when we made a 'kenduri'.

These are my auntie from my mummy side.
Someone is talking with my mummy.
This picture show Anjang and Acheek.
They are my mummy younger sisters.

This is a perfect picture of them.
Acheek, mummy and Anjang sat on the sofa.
They tried to slim their body.
They also maintain their beauty.
Acheek is married with three kids.
Anjang is married with the only son.

This is mummy's youngest sister.
We called her Busu.
She is married with two pair of children.


~Cinta Milo Ais~ said...

one day we will be auntie too..and hopefully we can be a great auntie like them..:D thanks for visiting my blog

Honey Bee said...

Yeap...we are growing old..and one day, that is our turn to be an auntie...