Sunday, September 14, 2008

Miss Them

I just finish my contract as as assistant kinder garden management. What can i say about this job.... This is a amazing job actually. I do enjoy myself to be there.

I'm a chef and have to cook for 25 students. Prepared the breakfast and the lunch for them. Then serve them nicely. and a Here..the are like a king and a queen for me. Whenever they finish their meal and want some more...they just need to raise their hand. Of course, I'll happy if they can finish all my meal that I've served for them.

They didn't know how to lie.. They'll let me know everything about them. They'll answer all the question asking by me. They got a lot of ideas and a story to share with me.

Being with children...make you forget all your problems...make the sadness disappear from your life...can decrease your hot temper..can make you laugh all the time.. can make you smile every second.

They got a lot of character that i can't forget. If i can meet Doraemon...i want to be at their life back..freedom from any problem...
For all the kids..hope your dreams come true..