Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Day With Nasha

A Day With Nasha was recognized by Avon. To meet her, we have to purchase avon product amount RM70. I'm not purchase that product that day. But I'm lucky can met face to face with her.

This is a real Nasha Aziz. Eventhough got a lot of controversy, she still face it with a smile. She is a tough lady for me. She is so beautiful, admitted by a real lady.

Adik, Nasha and me.
We have a nice conversation with Nasha. She know how to treat her fun. She also know how to start a conversation. Talk with her like have a chat with an old friend.

This is a beautiful ladies want to promote their teeths. Say 'Cheese'. Nasha is more taller actually. I ask her to make herself shorter for us.

The super model with her fanatic fan. Don't get us wrong. We are the real lady. This pictureonly show our feeling. This is the second time I met her. The first time is long time a go. She involved with film promotion. BARA.


Bikash Nur Idris said...

salam kenal, honey. 1st time sampai rumah u :)

Honey Bee said...

Salam Bikash...
Thanks coz sudi menjenguk rumah i...i'm great for that...

~~~DiaNaDinMaNJa~~~ said...

waaaaaa best nyer dpt jumpa nasha..cantik kan dia..

Honey Bee said...

Kak Wan..
Dia cantik sangat. Tak sombong plk tue. Rasa tak nak balik tau. Hehehe