Monday, February 25, 2008

Memories at secondary school

The Prettiest Ladies In This World.
From Left Jue-9, Sue, Azni, Hazrina, E-ma, D-Ja

Schooling life is the best memories for us. Everybody have their own story at schooling time. So do I. If I can meet Doraemon, I want to ask him to return the time to that year. I understand that wish is rediculous. We have to continue our life and can't return the time.
I'm sitting for SPM at Sek Men Keb Ghaffar Baba. There, my friend and me build one group with six members. We named our group as 'DAJESH'. 'DAJESH' means 'Dalam Apa Jua Emosi Sedia Hadapi'. We are the naughty teenagers that time.
We always make noise anywhere we are. We love to make joke and laught all the time. That time the world belongs to us. Even though we came from different background that doesn't stop us to be close.
We really enjoyed when we were teenagers. Admire and been admired is one of teenagers story.We keep the secret silent from others. Fighting is a must in every relationship, but we didn't let others no the bad about us.

We are possing at Kelantan.

Time have changed but not our friendships. Now, E-ma is married and have a cute baby girl. D-ja is engaged and will follow E-ma steps. Others are waiting their Mr Right. Please pray for us.

DAJESH is our name. The first alphabet from our name. D-ja and Junai are working at admin department. Azni and Hazrina are teacher. E-ma is a lecturer at Johor Bahru. Sue, it's me. I'm build my own company.

Nowadays, we are busy with our own life. So, we just sms each other to know the lattes news about us. I really hopes our relationships remains forever. The distance and time build a gap between us. When we meet, no matter where and when, we will story about the past and laugh till our tears drops.